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RADSTARR Media Entertainment formed and created by Roger Hunt of St. Louis, Missouri.   The company started in 2010 and was named after Roger's three sons, Roger, Aaron, Darius whom he consider to be his "STARRS".  Darius took a direct interest in the business as graphic designer, producer, director and camera operator until his untimely death at an early age.  Nonetheless, the business continues to serve and thrive in various areas in the entertainment arena.

Mission Statement: 

To develop unique and creative services for clients seeking multi-level entertainment in providing a variety of disciplines in various areas.  We seek to coach and motivate our clients in an entertainment arena for the enrichment of skills in acting, modeling, voiceover, videography, photography and production.

Vision Statement:

We strive to be the entertainment company which fosters growth and development of client’s vision in excelling them to an entire new level.  We strive to assist our clients with an in-depth knowledge of their projects and partnering with them in achieving and reaching their goals.

•    RADSTARR Media Entertainment will provide the following services:

1.    Consultation  
2.    Videography
3.    Photography
4.    Drone Photography 
5.    Film & TV Production 
6.    Event Host
7.    Motivational training in boosting self-confidence
8.    Training and developing for acting 
9.    Portfolio developing
10.  Preparing talent for an audition

RADSTARR Media Entertainment is committed to providing our clients with the up most service and care in working on their project from start to finish.   

RADSTARR Media Entertainment looks forward in servicing your needs!

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Video Production

Have an idea for a show?

Go to the Contact us page and email us with your creative show idea. It may be your vision we show case on one of our future episodes, or click the button below!

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